Chris Brown Is Living The Dream In New Music Video

In his new  Don’t Wake Me Up  video, directed by Colin Tiley,  Chris Brown  lives out three fantasy sequences:  one where he chases his dream girl through a garden maze, another  where he follows her through a city in the clouds and a final one where they are racing fast cars through the desert. He finally catches up to his lady love in a virtual reality-inspired twist at the end.

Don’t Wake Me Up  will be released on his new album “Fortune”; arriving on shelves on July 3.  And it’s just another step towards his comeback, which surely would be a dream come true for the singer who suffered a hard fall from grace after he was charged with beating his then girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009.

The latest headlines causing a stir, claim he’s rekindled a romance with RiRi – rumours have been swirling since the duo released two tracks together, Birthday Cake and Turn Up The Music earlier this year.  The frenzy continues with recent reports of the two partying together and “The New York Post”;  claims Chris has been spotted hanging out with the superstar’s family.

Check out Chris’ Don’t Wake Me Up video below!




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