Usher Debuts New Music Video for ‘Scream’

Looking back on Usher’s portrayal as the Running Man in last month’s off Broadway show, “Fuerza Bruta: Looking Up”, it’s clear that he had an ulterior motive for being in the show.  His new music video for his latest hit single, “Scream”, is heavily influenced by the acrobatic play.

The video is very similar to Ush’s “Fuerza”; performance, except that he isn’t limited to the confines of the stage. In a white suit, surrounded by his favourite laser lights, the singer runs through a black expanse that seems to go on forever.  Making periodic stops for solo dance breaks, in the end Usher is joined by a female dancer and they share more than a few steamy dance moves.

This video also mixes live clips from his “Fuerza”; performance, with his natural swagger and dance moves.  The live footage taken from the actual show is of a female suspended in a bubble, splashing around in the water and gives the video = a kinetic jolt, to match the track’s pounding club-anthem production.

Usher’s new album Looking 4 Myself came out this week and the video for “Scream”; is below!



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