As the phone-hacking trial continues in London, England this week, one more royal is facing public humiliation over outed voicemails.

On Monday, it was revealed that Prince Harry used to leave drunken messages on then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy’s voicemail. A 2006 News of The World email was read to the court and stated that “[Chelsy] gets calls from [Harry] and he’s not in good condition…piss ups.”

The email, written by the paper’s former royal editor and reporter Clive Goodman also stated that Prince Harry would “shout affections to her on the phone.”

Monday’s court date also reopened the discussion about Prince William’s voicemail for his favourite “ginger,” Harry, in which he impersonates Chelsy Davy.  “Hi it’s Chelsy here. You’re the best looking ginger I’ve ever seen…. You big hairy fat ginger,” read the transcript.

Kate Middleton was also a victim of the phone-hacking scandal. Last December, Prince William was publicly outed when Kate’s recorded voicemails revealed that the future king called his future queen “Babykins.”;