Rosey’s Bikini Body Challenge Day 9: Stretching

Exercise 9: Stretching

Since all you bikini body challengers have been doing such a great job, we thought that we’d help you start your relaxing weekend with a little stretching.

This exercise is great for anyone to do, as stretching is an important part of our daily exercise routines, but it’s also a special way for any new moms out there to bond with their baby in a calm and relaxing environment.

So finding a comfortable area on the floor, sit with your legs in a V shape with baby – if you have – in the middle.   Now simply stretch forward and try to reach your baby making sure to exhale.  Try to bring yourself down with every stretch and if you’d like to add on, you can pulse ever so gently.   You should feel this in your hamstrings and the back of your legs.


Step 1                                                      Step 2                                                       Step 3                                                        

All workout gear provided courtesy of Nike.

Watch below to see Rosey demonstrate the exercise! And, of course, feel free to send her your questions and comments in the commenting section below.

Plus, enter for your chance to win a beauty gift basket from L’Occitane by sending a direct message to Rosey’s Facebook page with your before and after photos! See rules and regulations here.

Please Note: This is a supplemental routine that is designed to encourage women age 25-50 to take part in physical activity of some sort at least 3 – 5 days per week, as well as enjoy a healthy diet.



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