Global National’s Dawna Friesen Opens Up About Struggling With Parents’ Dementia

As anchor of Global National, Dawna Friesen brings Canadians the world’s biggest news stories each day. But off camera, Dawna is struggling to cope with a heartbreaking situation as both her parents suffer from dementia.

“My dad no longer recognizes us,”; Dawna tells ET Canada“s Roz Weston. “My mom recognizes immediate family, but that’s slipping away as well.”;

In the interview, which will be featured in tonight’s ET Canada, Dawna candidly discusses the toll dementia can take, not just on those afflicted but also on their loved ones.

“It steals your parents in a way,”; Dawna admits, “so they’re physically still present and a part of your life, but they’re not the same person and they don’t connect with you anymore.”;

This, she says, causes a fundamental change in the parent-child relationship. “They’re your parent, but it evolves into they almost become the child and you become the caregiver,”; she says, “and that’s where I am now.”;

You can catch more of Roz’s interview with Global National“s Dawna Friesen on tonight’s edition of ET Canada, airing at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on Global.




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