Angie Smith: ‘It’s a Tough Job’… But Somebody Has To Do It

The best part of my job is when I get to talk fashion in sunny, scenic locations. But sometimes it doesn’t matter where you shoot – the scenery becomes utterly irrelevant. For Afiya Francisco and I, our men’s swimwear shoot with actor and model Nick Bateman is a perfect example.

If you can’t tell, Nick is a former Abercrombie model, a world champion martial artist and is about to shoot his second film with an Oscar-winning co-star (sssshhhhh he can’t release any names but I am guessing Christopher Plummer).  Not bad for a Burlington, Ontario boy.

But, I digress….

Nick arrived to set in this season’s latest trend – fitted white denim jeans, a steel blue tank top and pristine sculpted muscles to complete the look.  As he walked along the boardwalk to our set-up, I overheard morning joggers stumble: “Was that for real? Did that just happen?” as they slowly veered off the path and relaxed their pace to catch one last look of the perfect-10.

Again, I digress…

Afiya and I featured four top trends to provide great gift ideas and to help push the boundaries of our Canadian men.  We started with navy board shorts from Old Navy. These are spot-on to a pair George Clooney favours on the beach and these cost $25.

There’s also a nod to flower power this season. Nick’s upcoming co-star and childhood best-friend Cody Hackman sported a fabulous Old Navy traditional board short in that tropical print.  Both of these shorts are great options for guys who like to be covered up and tend towards athletics on the beach.

Our second pair from Priape are the shorter more Euro style. These were our favourite on Nick and on most men we know.

From there the bottoms kept getting skimpier right down to the stylish, contemporary options. Nick joked that his agent didn’t sign him up for this, but went along with it – even running through a massive group of resting seagulls all for the name of a classic Baywatch shot.

As men’s swimwear gets more daring and tends to incorporate more feminine trends (colour, design, cut) these segments get that much more… difficult.

And if you’re still doing last minute shopping for the Dads in your life for Father’s Day, both Old Navy and The Bay are having great sales this weekend.

Watch for more on our swimsuit shoot with Nick below!

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