Exclusive: Chris Hadfield Talks Music Monday At The Orange Lounge

With his feet now firmly planted on planet earth, Chris Hadfield joins us for an exclusive session at The Orange Lounge and talks about his “busy”; retirement.

“Since I got back I haven’t actually just been sitting by the fire with my feet up,”; the former space commander tells us.  Adding, “I’ve been busy.”;

“Busy”; might be an understatement.  Since retiring from his position as Commander of the International Space Station, Hadfield, 54, has released a best-selling book, spent his fair share of time on various press tours and of course found a little time in his day to swing by The Orange Lounge in Toronto to talk about his involvement with Music Monday.

“Music Monday is proven to this point …to be just a wonderful project,”; Hadfield tells us.  Elaborating on the annual event that brings together thousands of students, musicians, parents and community members across the country to celebrate the gift of music in our lives, he says “some Canadians or group of Canadians writes a song and then it goes to choirs and orchestras and kids groups all across the country.”;


Even though he doesn’t seem to want to slow down, Hadfield says there’s no plan for an album just yet, but he does dish on his collaboration with another Canadian music maker – Ed Robertson!

“Ed & I wrote a song sorta by email,”; Hadfield says. “Ed cleverly called it “Is Somebody Singing’ – which is ISS, which is “International Space Station’,”; adding, “I’ve had a chance to sing it at schools and organizations hundreds of times and I still like it, which is probably a good indicator that it came out well.”;

For more of our exclusive interview with Chris Hadfield, tune-in to ET Canada tonight!

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