Justin Bieber Talks Growing Up

It’s easy to dismiss Justin Bieber as a child pop star, but the fact of the matter is The Biebs is growing up! He’s even able to vote, having celebrated his 18th birthday back in March. And in a brand new sit-down interview with our Roz Weston, Justin promises us that new maturity will be reflected in his music when his new album, Believe, drops on Tuesday. “I’m growing as an artist and my fans are growing with me,” he explains. “So, I’m just making music that reflects that.”

Justin is also making music that reflects his real life experiences, namely the scandal in which 20-year-old Mariah Yeater publicly, and wrongfully, accused him of fathering her baby boy. The last track on Believe, addresses the controversy: “It’s called Maria… we changed her name so we couldn’t get sued.” As for why he chose to discuss the situation via song, Justin says it was his opportunity to be heard. “I felt like I just wanted to talk about it, I mean it was something that was a pretty significant thing to happen,” he tells Roz. “I wanted to be able to speak about it and not have my words twisted.”

The Canadian-born singer was in Toronto for a whirlwind publicity blitz this weekend, but he took time out from his busy schedule to pick up his girlfriend Selena Gomez from the airport. He says having someone else meet her after landing was not an option, especially since he hadn’t seen her in three weeks. “I think that’d be kinda rude,” he says. “No, I like to take the time to do special things and I think that’s what girls like.” Sounds like Justin makes an awesome Boyfriend!

Watch Part 1 of Roz Weston’s one-on-one with Justin below and watch Wednesday for Part 2!



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