When you hear Mark Wahlberg plays a grown-up man whose best friend is a Teddy Bear in his new flick, “Ted”;, you automatically think it must be kid-friendly – but you’d be wrong. Mark tells our Roz Weston this raunchy movie is definitely not one he’ll take his children to see.

Roz asks: “For someone like you who has kids, on the surface this seems like a movie that they would be dying to see.”; To the dad-of-four’s reply: “They are and I keep trying to explain to them that it’s not appropriate. I just tell them that the bear has a potty mouth and they can’t see it.”;

But he says his little ones aren’t giving up that easy, telling him: “Dad, it’s a Teddy Bear! Come on… how bad can it be?”;

And the busy Hollywood heavyweight clearly believes in setting a good example for his children, since he’s made the decision to complete high school through online courses. Mark quit school after Grade 9 as a troubled teen in Boston: “I didn’t want my kids asking me, “Daddy, if you didn’t go to school, why do I?'”;

Watch the full uninterrupted interview below, plus see our chat with Mark’s “Ted”; co-star, Mila Kunis, tonight!