Being on break from playing Jack Bauer on “24” since 2010, Kiefer Sutherland returns to the beloved role in a new 12-part series.

Heading back to the small screen in May on Global, Kiefer tells ET Canada in an exclusive on set sitdown, he didn’t think twice about becoming Bauer again before agreeing to reprise the role. “I said yes very quickly,” he admits.

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But while fans might have been wishing for a “24” reboot for some time, Sutherland says he “was very nervous” about his return as the action hero. He says he went “through about six months of panic,”; asking himself, “Oh my God, why have I opened this up again?’

He reveals his cold feet really came from the fact that he wants to make sure the show is just as good as before. “And then very fortunately within a few days, with a whole new crew here in England felt amazingly comfortable,” says the actor.

Sutherland is pleased with the outcome and explains how Bauer has changed: “I think he’s colder. And therefore, in a very odd way, more frightening.”

But the star kept tight-lipped when it came to revealing too much about the plot. “Oh gosh, there’s a line I want to tell you but I can’t!”

So, we’ll just have to sit on the edge of our seats until “24” returns in May.