Top Five Ryan Gosling Moments

Ladies, prepare yourselves! A new video of Ryan Gosling performing on stage at the ripe old age of 9 has been unearthed and it seems that even before he was famous, The Gosling had the ability to make women go weak at the knees… even while wearing MC Hammer pants.

In the clip, the now 31-year-old actor sings Michael Bolton’s hit “When A Man Loves A Woman”; and then proceeds to show off his incredible dance moves to C & C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).”;

In light of this video being unearthed, we decided to take on the arduous task of naming our Top 5 Ryan Gosling Moments – which, let’s be honest, quickly turned into a much longer list – so if any of you are wavering on your feelings about the Canadian-born actor, here’s a list of awesomeness to help you decide!

5.  Dirty Dancing Lift with the Today Show’s Al Roker.

While on his press tour for Crazy, Stupid Love, Ryan was asked about the infamous scene with co-star Emma Stone where he seduces her using the Dirty Dancing lift move and then things took a turn for the weird.  After Today Show correspondent Al Roker tries to rope Ann Curry into trying the dance move with The Gos – on live TV no less – he takes it upon himself to give it a go.  It’s a miracle that no one got hurt, but now we all know, nobody puts Al Roker in a corner.

4. Breaking up a NYC Street Brawl

Making headlines last August, Ryan became a hero when he broke up an altercation in New York City.  The video was captured by random onlookers who didn’t immediately recognize Ryan – referring to him as “that guy from the movie”; – and now has more than 1 million viewers on YouTube. This pretty much solidifies that any identification problems including Mr. Gosling will never happen again. In case you needed another reason to watch the video, The Gos is sporting a tank top.

 3. 2005 MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss Award with Rachel McAdams

Before the Twilight films came along and stars RPatz and K tew started to awkwardly bogart the MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss Award, Ryan won it with a little help from fellow Canadian and The Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams. There are online memorandums remembering this relationship and after watching the two receive their award, you’ll understand why.

2. Ryan Riding a Stationary Bike on Ellen

If you’re a diabetic, then stay away from this video which basically oozes sugary sweetness. This time promoting his almost unseen film Blue Valentine, Ryan makes a stop on The Ellen Show and brings a little something comfy along for her and her audience. The actor tells Ellen about bringing his Mom – who he recently supported at her Brock University convocation – to the Golden Globes and the swag room hilarity that ensued.

1.  “When A Man Loves A Woman”; & C&C Music Factory Dance Video

Yes, that’s right.  The recently unearthed video of a 9-year-old Ryan singing and dancing at a Mormon talent show has topped our list.  Let’s just say a Ryan, Justin Bieber “dougie-off’ is hopefully in the works – you’ll see what we’re talking about at the 00.53 mark.

You can catch Ryan in his upcoming films Gangster Squad and The Place Beyond the Pines – both set to open in theatres this fall.



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