Rosey’s Bikini Body Challenge Day 11: Step Ups

Exercise 11: Step Ups

Step ups are an easy way to get your heart rate up during a break at work.  All you need is a stairwell and your smartphone!

Starting with both feet on the ground, put one foot up on the stair, then bring both feet up, then put one foot down, then both feet down.  Once you’ve mastered the choreography of the exercise, start doing it faster until you are at an easy pace.  Do this for 1 minute.

Take a minute rest, then do it again.  Continue with this for 10-15 minutes and believe us you’ll feel it!  If you really want to challenge yourself, try incorporating one of the other exercises we’ve done while you’re on your break!


Step 1                                                    Step 2                                                     Step 3

All workout gear provided courtesy of Nike.

Watch below to see Rosey demonstrate the exercise! And, of course, feel free to send her your questions and comments in the commenting section below.

Plus, enter for your chance to win a beauty gift basket from L’Occitane by sending a direct message to Rosey’s Facebook page with your before and after photos! See rules and regulations here.

Please Note: This is a supplemental routine that is designed to encourage women age 25-50 to take part in physical activity of some sort at least 3 – 5 days per week, as well as enjoy a healthy diet.



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