Amanda Seyfried And Aaron Paul Rekindle Their On-Screen Romance

They played lovers on Big Love and now Amanda Seyfried and Breaking Bad boy Aaron Paul are thrilled to be together again in the family drama Fathers and Daughters.  “I was so so excited when he signed on,”; the actress tells ET Canada. “We played lovers for a bunch of years on and off, so he feels like an ex-boyfriend.”;

Amanda’s character Katie struggles to reconnect with her damaged father played by Russell Crowe, and Paul is the love interest who could add balance to her life.

Although Paul loves reuniting with his former co-star, he says it was the script that made him want to sign on to the film. “I read it before knowing who was involved.  I thought it was just so honest, pure and  just genuine – I had to jump at the chance.”;

Speaking of families, Paul just tied the knot in January with Lauren Parsekian, admitting he already has baby on the brain. “We always talk about kids, I love kids, you know I have 15 nieces and nephews and one more on the way, “; he adds. “I think it would be a disservice if Lauren wasn’t able to be a mother – those kids would be so unbelievably lucky to be able to call Lauren their mom. But not just yet. We definitely have that plan for sure.”

Now there’s one more reunion Amanda Seyfried, would like to see – a Mean Girls one! “I can’t imagine it working out but it would be nice,”; she tells us. “I mean I’d love to do that but I know everybody is kinda busy.”;  And there’s one scene fans can’t get enough of – the one where her character says her boobs predict the weather. In fact that’s the number one thing she gets asked by strangers.  “They ask me to tell them what the weather is going to be like, they  just want me to touch my boobs, and that’s fine,”; she says with a laugh.

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