Simon Cowell is basking in the glow of being the proud papa of baby Eric, but admits he regrets the scandalous circumstances surrounding the tot’s conception.

“It is not something I am proud of or wanted to happen in terms of hurting anyone. It just happened,”; Simon tells US Weekly, discussing the extramarital affair with galpal Lauren Silverman that resulted in pregnancy and ended her marriage. “You have to deal with it and man up to it. You have to accept the responsibility and the criticism. All I can say is, my advice to you is if it happens to you, you just have to deal with it a day at a time and own up to your responsibilities.”;


But now that he and Lauren are happily together, he says being a father has grounded him, causing him to rethink the life he’d been leading. “You can start to live a slightly abnormal life and there is no question of doubt I was heading down that path,”; he says. “Too many late-night phone calls. Too obsessed with things… Maybe because it puts things in perspective having two people in my life who I am responsible for. There were times last year when I would live in two rooms, y’know kitchen and bedroom, in your house. It is a weird existence when you live on your own. On the phone all night, blah blah blah. Now the house is full of people. It has become a home rather than a house.”;
He also reveals that he’s actually enjoying the unpredictability of his new life as a family man: “Everyone said, “It must be turning your life upside down,’ but I love it. The dogs are mad and Lauren is not exactly the most quiet person in the world.”;