Dustin Milligan Talks ‘Sequoia’

In Sequoia, Aly Michalka (Emma Stone’s best friend in Easy A) plays a 23-year-old cancer patient. Rather than submit to having her jaw surgically removed, she decides instead to travel to Sequoia National Forest and end her life on her own terms. On the bus ride over, she meets an optimistic young man played by Dustin Milligan who attempts to talk her out of it.

“He just kind of likes this girl and then this huge moral decision is put on top of him,”; Milligan recently told ET Canada“s Erin Cebula. “How he ends up making it his mission to save this girl’s life I thought was endearing and sweet. […] That was something I was thinking of the entire time, what would I actually want to do [in that situation].”;

When the movie premiered at the SXSW festival, critics praised Michalka’s and Milligan’s natural onscreen chemistry. Milligan attributes this to not knowing Michalka all that well prior to shooting. “It was kind of this perfect amount that we knew each other and amount of familiarity,”; he said. “You can’t fake chemistry so it was good to kind of have that and hopefully it came across.”;

The movie has also been praised for its breathtaking scenery. According to Milligan, filming in one of the world’s most beautiful locations was every bit as pleasant as it sounds. “It was two weeks that we were up in the park and it was just kind of like sleepaway camp. Sharing cabins. It was a very rustic, small shoot.”;

For our full interview with Dustin Milligan, tune in to ET Canada tonight.

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