Jack Osbourne Opens Up About MS Diagnosis

Jack Osbourne is finally speaking out himself about his recent diagnosis with multiple sclerosis and revealing how he’s been fighting the disease.

“Honestly, I’m fine,”; Jack told Julie Chen during an appearance on Wednesday’s The Talk. “Ultimately that is the toughest thing with this disease that I’m learning — one minute you can be fine, and the next I went blind in my right eye. It’s a completely unpredictable disease.”;

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Jack — son of The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne, who broke down on an earlier episode while discussing his shocking diagnosis — said he’s since regained 80 percent of his vision in the right eye, but it’s not clear whether it will ever improve beyond that. “Some people return with 100 percent, some people never even get anything back, so it’s hit or miss.”;

The former reality star and television producer — who received a standing ovation from The Talk“s audience — said throughout the health crisis he’s managed to keep a positive outlook. “You guys are acting like I have MS or something,”; he joked.

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He explained that MS is kind of like arthritis of the nervous system, causing inflamation of the nerves, but emphasized that in many cases the disease is also very manageable. “I’ve been having symptoms for three or four years and not realized it. MS has lots of symptoms — problems with bowels, urination, vision slurred speech, it sounds like someone is drunk,”; he explained.

Jack was joined on the show by his fiancée Lisa Stelly, with whom he has a newborn daughter, who revealed, “We don’t have much time to be sad because we have a little girl and diapers to change. So we’re having fun, we’re going to be okay.”;

VIDEO: Julie Chen on Jack Osbourne’s MS Announcement

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