Deadmau5 Fuels Feud With ‘Funky Grandma’ Madonna

It’s the year of the mouse! Electronic musician Deadmau5 lands the cover of Rolling Stone and this Ontario boy says he can’t believe it. In the behind-the-scenes video of his latest shoot he admits: “It’s actually crazy to be on the cover, I didn’t think I’d make the cover of anything.”;

Inside the latest issue, the progressive house producer gives a glimpse of how he’s living the high life and no drug innuendo here! Deadmau5 famously called out Madonna for making an apparent “Ecstasy’ reference on-stage at the Miami Ultra Music Festival back in March. Madge shouted out: “How many people in the crowd have seen Molly?”; Deadmau5 took to Twitter, fueling a war of words that this mouse isn’t going to let die.

“You want to be “hip’ and “cool’ and “funky grandma?'”; Deadmau5 asks Madonna in Rolling Stone. “Fine. It’s not my place to say you’re irrelevant. If you’re going to come into my world, at least do it with a little more dignity.”;

He also explains why he’s turned down collaborations with the Material Girl and other pop stars like Rihanna: “Everybody’s all up on the EDM bandwagon now because it’s another viable conduit for traditional pop music to ride for a bit… I’m not really in it for that.”;

You can read the full interview in the July 5th edition of Rolling Stone, and watch the behind-the-scenes of Deadmau5’s Rolling Stone interview below:




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