Joe Manganiello is Not Dating Demi Moore

Women of the world rejoice, Joe Manganiello is not dating Demi Moore.

The Magic Mike star recently took to the airwaves to clear up a little rumour started earlier in the week, regarding a budding relationship between Hollywood’s newest hunk and its longtime leading lady, Demi Moore.

“There is 100 per cent zero truth to that,”; Joe tells Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show. “I met her once at a premiere… we had a three minute conversation exchanging stripper notes, and that was it.”;  To clarify, Joe was referring Demi’s stint as a stripper in Striptease and his recent experience for his new film Magic Mike.

On the topic of how the gossip got started, the actor seems a bit annoyed that no one checked up on what they were writing, saying, “once it’s on the internet, there’s no fact checking, everybody just prints off everybody else’s articles.”;

After laughing off the relationship rumours, the actor gave any guys out there wondering whether or not they should go see Magic Mike a tip: “I’ll give you a parallel… any straight guy out there who’s gone and like hung out in the back row of a yoga class… show up to Magic Mike on a Friday night, a Saturday night… it’s gonna be fish in a barrel. I think you’re gonna do alright.”;

The True Blood star also kept any Trubies listening happy as little vampire clams, when he answered Ryan’s question about whether or not his character Alcide and Anna Paquin’s Sookie get their chance at love in the HBO series.  “I will say that I got to use some of my new found Magic Mike moves this season on True Blood.”;

You can watch Joe in all his shirtless glory in the upcoming Magic Mike, hitting theatres June 29. Plus, listen to the interview below!



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