Tricia Helfer And PETA Urge Pet Owners To Keep Their Cats Indoors

Animal rights group PETA has teamed up with Canada’s own  Tricia Helfer (Authors Anonymous, Battlestar Galactica) for a new video and print campaign. The message? Keep your cats indoors. Always.

Although many of us haven’t thought twice about the concept of “outdoor cats,’ the past several months have spawned much debate on the issue.

“Every day, tens of thousands of people open their doors and let their cats out to roam unattended,”; Tricia says in the PETA-produced video. “And every day, thousands of those cats are injured or killed in horrible ways. These same people would never dream of opening their front door and letting their dogs dash out onto the street, so why don’t we protect our cats in the same way?”;

The campaign lists several risks to our feline pals, including disease, poisons, and oncoming traffic. It also notes that despite having a sweet disposition at home, cats are prone to killing wildlife when allowed outdoors for any lengthy of time.

So which course of action does PETA suggest? “Cats are domestic animals who belong indoors,”; Tricia says. “They’re vulnerable, and they depend on us to keep them safe, healthy, and happy.”;



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