It’s an exciting time to be a Mahomie.

Teen pop sensation Austin Mahone is set to release his highly anticipated debut album on May 27 and he’s promoting that massive musical milestone with a blockbuster summer tour.

ET Canada“s Sangita Patel sat down with the rising star to chat about everything from his rabid fan base to his work with Justin Bieber.

“It’s amazing,”; shared the 18-year-old on his studio encounter with The Biebs. “It was really weird being in the studio with him ’cause I did cover a lot of songs of his in the beginning. He’s just real talented and works real well in the studio.”;

The young talent’s YouTube-assisted ascent has led some to label the star as “the next Justin Bieber.”; It’s a comparison that Austin takes as a compliment, but he’d rather break out as his own brand of entertainer.

“I want people to see that I’m my own artist,”; offered Austin. “I’m making a path for myself.”;

Be sure to tune in to ET Canada tonight for Sangita’s full interview with the “What About Love”; pop sensation. Austin spills some details on what fans can expect about the upcoming tour, plus he even chats a bit about the role Pitbull’s played in his development as an artist. You won’t want to miss it.