Here’s a little something you may not know about Emma Stone: she’s a Spice Girls fan. Actually, scratch that: she’s a Spice Girls fanatic. Possibly one of the British supergroup’s biggest supporters. Kind of adorable, no?

And naturally, there’s little chance this bit of trivia wouldn’t come up during an interview with UK broadcasting legend Graham Norton. While appearing on his show to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — with Jamie Foxx and beau Andrew Garfield in tow — Emma opened up about her obsessive Spice fixation.

Okay fine, Graham put her on the spot, having Emma admit her undying love for the iconic pop quintet. He also got her crazy, crazy excited by the idea one of the Spice Girls could very well be waiting backstage to meet her.

A dream come true? Take a peek at the clip below and judge for yourself.