Erin Cebula Discovers The ‘Real’ RHOV Ronnie Negus

Whether you admit to watching it or not, you can’t deny that the Real Housewives of Vancouver got Canada talking! Not only was it responsible for Slice’s biggest premiere numbers to date; it also launched countless water cooler discussions between fans, haters and even those folks who love to say they “don’t watch TV.”; Well, the sexy and scrappy first season wrapped up Wednesday night and now the big question is: Who will return for Season 2 and why?

For answers, I decided to speak with the one Housewife I knew I could count on for the straight goods. Fans of the show know that – with or without chardonnay – Ronnie Negus says it like it is. And when I arrived at her West Vancouver compound for the second time, the 6-foot stunner wasted no time telling me she’s not thrilled with how she comes across on the show. You see, Ronnie (like most of us) is not a one dimensional person. Yes, she’s a rich, beautiful amazon who loves to party, but five minutes with Ronnie and you will also see that she is a warm, funny and intelligent woman.

She and her husband of 14 years have five beautiful children and one of their daughters has special needs. Ronnie describes 10-year-old Remington as her “angel”; and says it was Remy who inspired her to do the show in the first place. Ronnie hoped that appearing on the show would help raise awareness for other children with special needs and she even donated her RHOV salary to BC’s Centre for Ability.

Unfortunately for Ronnie, Season 1 of the hit show focused far more on cat fights than kindness. But when I asked if she’d like to redeem herself in Season 2, Ronnie was uncharacteristically guarded. I continued to dig, but soon realized that I too would probably have to (secretly) tune-in to Season 2 to find out.

Watch my uncut interview with Ronnie below!



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