Rick Campanelli On His Eye-Opening Trip To Cambodia With World Vision

I had the honour of travelling back to Cambodia for the third time with World Vision this past winter.

Now it may seem hard to explain how you can feel a connection with a country that you have only spent a brief time in, but in Cambodia, often referred to as the ‘kingdom of wonder’ it is easy to do.

It’s full of incredible and vibrant images but the country’s heart and soul lies in the beauty of the Khmer people. The Khmer children are some of the most resilient, compelling and welcoming young people I have ever met. These kids have been through so many hardships.

Our problems don’t even come close to what these kids are dealing with – and still they remain positive in their very negative surroundings. Along with Mark and Dave from World Vision – I visited an incredible trauma recovery centre for young girls who have been rescued from the very dangerous sex trade industry.


That uplifting program allows young girls to be just that – “young girls”; – and do things that young girls should be doing with other girls their age… singing, dancing, making jewellery, scarves and simply rebuilding the trust that was stolen from them by adults.


Each and every stop we made on our week-long trip, we came across kids who were in dire situations – from kids living in a park, to kids working in a brick factory and street kids getting together once a week to learn about personal hygiene and other important life necessities. This is their reality and seeing all this broke my heart. It also makes child sponsorship all that more crucial.

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~ By Rick Campanelli

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