‘Big Brother Canada’: Rachelle Diamond Gets Evicted And The Gremlins Get Torn Apart

Another houseguest bites the dust on last night’s episode of “Big Brother Canada”;and the girl who flew under the radar, Rachelle Diamond, gets evicted.

It was an emotional episode for “The Gremlins’ alliance since both Rachelle and Sabrina Abbate were up for eviction, but it was a unanimous vote and Rachelle was sent packing.

“You know I was up against my best friend and from the week that Adel won he told me ‘You are my target because you are a strong player,'” she told our Sangita Patel when she joined her in the ET Canada studio. “So I tried. I brought up a couple arguments, but they had their minds set.”;

Rachelle will be joining Alison White and Arlie Shaban in the Jury House and they will have the power to decide who will win the competition. But if it comes down to it, Rachelle says she would vote for Neda in the end if she is in the final two.

~By Bernard Toney



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