“I’ve lived to see my dream come true.”; Country music legend Dolly Parton will release her new album Blue Smoke on May 13, ahead of her single Home, and chats about what she’s proud of in her life, and the origins of her album’s title.

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“I did a couple of bluegrass things on the Blue Smoke album, because Blue Smoke itself kind of hints at the fact that’s it’s bluegrass,”; said Parton. “I’ve loved that music all my life. It’s really part of my soul, part of my Smokey Mountain DNA. So I thought, “Well, I need to actually put a few of those songs in there, just to be true to myself, and true to the music.”;

She added, “And those are some of my favourite cuts in the whole CD.”;

Blue Smoke is Parton’s 42nd studio album, after Better Day, her last release in June 2011. The album features a duet with Kenny Rogers in You Can’t Make Old Friends.

To promote the album, Parton is going on a Blue Smoke World Tour, which is the 11th concert tour of her career. It began in January and she’s set to play 40 shows across the globe, ending in mid-July.

What’s your favourite Dolly Parton song?

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