Mila Kunis On Her Inner Gay

Mila Kunis is best known for her dark role as an obsessed ballerina in “Black Swan”;, but the actress opens up to Conan O’Brien about her lighter side in real life.

The “Ted”; star reveals what she meant when she recently said she feels like a “gay man trapped in a woman’s body.”; Mila says she loves LA’s vibrant nightlife: “Sometimes I love getting dressed up and looking like a fabulous drag queen and going about town in West Hollywood!”;

The 28-year-old also talks about her roommate and admits she loved making prank calls as a teen – and still does! “It’s just a little harder to do it because my voice is recognizable and I’m not skilled enough to change it,” she says. “[And] people don’t pick up private calls. They think they’re too good to pick up a blocked call so I can’t prank call people anymore… But I do try.”

Have a watch below!



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