Few mixed martial arts fighters were more feared or more respected than George St-Pierre, and the former UFC welterweight champ says he’s ready to end his retirement and return to the octagon.

At age 35, the Canadian fighter says that his return is far from a done deal, and admits he was advised to keep quiet until things could be sorted out with the UFC.

“I’m an emotional guy,” St-Pierre said during the “MMA Hour” podcast, reports Canadian Press. “My agents, even before I came on the show today, they briefed me. They said, ‘don’t say this, don’t say that.’ They briefed me, they said, ‘we’re in negotiations, remember, blah, blah, blah.'”

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After tearing his ACL in 2014 while successfully defending his welterweight title for the ninth consecutive time, St-Pierre decided it was time to walk away. Now, he’s having second thoughts, but understands that time is of the essence.

“I’m not trying to go overboard with this,” he said. “I love my sport and I still feel I’m at my best right now. The clock is running. I’m not getting any younger. I’m in the peak of my career and if there is a shot, there is another goal, another run, I better do it and do it quick, because it is time to do it now.”