A DNA test has shown that prison inmate Carlin Q. Williams is not the secret biological son of Prince.

Shortly after Prince passed away from a drug overdose in late April, several people came forward claiming to be blood relatives of the late musician. Williams was one of those people purporting to be the rightful heir to Prince’s mega fortune and a portion of his estate.

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Williams is currently serving a 92-month sentence in a Colorado federal prison for felony gun possession and filed legal documents in May demanding to have genetic testing. His legal documents claimed that an 18-year-old Prince impregnated his mother in a Kansas City hotel in 1976; however, DNA results have since shown that Williams is not the musician’s biological son.

Meanwhile, other claimants have refused to move forward with DNA testing, arguing that documentary evidence, such as birth certificates, should be enough.

It is believed that Prince did not leave a will behind and the bank is in need of possible heirs to divide his fortune.