When you hear that James Cameron and the “Terminator” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger are teaming up, you are probably expecting to hear the announcement of a new blockbuster, but not this time. The two have paired up to create awareness on eating less meat to better yourself and the world.

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Cameron converted to the vegan or as he refers to it, plant-based life, a couple years ago.

The public service announcements are aimed at both American and Chinese audiences.

The Schwarzenegger PSA has the actor exploring a desolate, deforested world where the livestock industry has destroyed the climate. The tagline “less meat, less heat” reveals how to avoid this very real scenario.

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Schwarzenegger says the Chinese fanbase that has made him so successful looks to the West for some of its values and in terms of environmental concern, “They’re picking up all our bad habits and applying them to a middle class that’s bigger than the entire population of America.”