Pamela Anderson Talks ‘Baywatch’ Movie, Harambe The Gorilla And More

Pamela Anderson rocketed to stardom in the ’90s drama “Baywatch,” and next summer she’ll pass the torch when she appears in the upcoming big-screen reboot.

“They called me to be in the film, and it was kind of an homage and a sweet thing for them to do,” the British Columbia native tells ET Canada’s Erin Cebula. “[But] I shouldn’t give too much away!”

Photo: Dan Poh Photography
Photo: Dan Poh Photography

Though Anderson may not be able to reveal details about the 2017 film, she couldn’t help but gush about its star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “He’s the sweetest guy, he’s so sweet in person,” she raves. “I guess I had met him plenty of times, but I didn’t remember.”

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These days, Anderson is expanding her empire with her “Contempt” wine, a collaboration with The Hatch Winery in Kelowna, B.C.

“I could drink this stuff all day long,” she says. “This is like you’re in the south of France; everyone drinks Rosé like water, so this is a Canadian version of drinking all day!”

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And although the bottle’s design may have a sensual look, she is quick to clarify: “That’s not my butt!”

Of course, Anderson is no stranger to posing nude; in addition to her numerous Playboy shoots, the actress has also stripped down for several animal rights campaigns with PETA. As one of the most vocal animal rights activists in Hollywood, she’s also had a lot to say about the recent controversy surrounding the death of Harambe The Gorilla.

“Animals should not be in captivity,” she declares. “I think he was really confused, and it’s sad, but thank God the child is safe, of course.”

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See more of Anderson’s thoughts on Harambe The Gorilla and her idea for “virtual zoos” in the video below.

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