Bryan Cranston Reveals More Details About Zordon In The ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

Go, Go Bryan Cranston and your almighty floating head! (keep reading for this to make sense)

ET sat down with “The Infiltrator” actor less than a week after it was announced that the long-awaited “Power Rangers” reboot is getting some serious star power with Cranston returning to the franchise as Zordon.

We say returning because, fun fact, Cranston dubbed some villainous voices in the original ’90s series!

“It’s motion capture, and it’s a lot of CGI-work,” revealed Cranston of his Zordon portrayal.

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Let’s go back in time for a moment: In the first episode of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” in 1993, one of the first things Zordon tells his new Rangers is that he was trapped in a time warp by Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks in the new movie), but could we be exploring Zordon’s mysterious backstory even more?

“The tenant of that storyline is that this a real person who is trapped in this etherworld and it becomes this in-the-wall so to speak of [the command centre],” said Cranston. “He still has a heart and mind, but an agenda that he’s got to get these five “Power Rangers” to defend the earth or else everyone they know will be killed.”

But, most importantly, will Cranston display that staple, booming Zordon voice? Check out the video above!

Before “Power Rangers” hits theatres in March 2017, you can see Cranston undercover in the true-life story of Bob Mazur in “The Infiltrator” in theatres July 13.

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