Would you trust Matt Damon in a game of spy?

The 45-year-old “Jason Bourne” actor puts unknowing people to the test in a video for fundraising site Omaze. “We have set up a simulation to give unsuspecting people the chance to feel like they’re in a spy movie,” Damon explains in the video. “All they have to do is trust me.”

While people didn’t get a chance to see the face behind the voice on the phone until the fun was over, many people still remained surprisingly trusting. The selected bunch were handed a cellphone by a total stranger and asked to do a series of awkward tasks. “I need you to go buy a hot dog,” the actor tells one man. He then asks a woman to meet someone and say “elephants can swim.”

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For the game players who weren’t quick to drop the phone and run away, they were eventually handed an envelope, which gave them clues to a special location containing Damon. And in return for their trust, they were given tickets to the July premiere of Damon’s new “Bourne” film.

For those of us a little less trusting, however, it’s still possible to win a chance to attend the premiere by donating $10 to the actor’s campaign Omaze. All proceeds raised will go to support Water.org, a charity founded by Gary White and Damon, which pioneers innovative, community-driven solutions to ensure all people have access to safe water and sanitation.