Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) has written a sequel to Spring Breakers which will be directed by Swedish filmmaker Jonas Akerlund (Spun). Paris-based production company Wild Bunch will take the project to Cannes later this month in order to secure distribution.

Tentatively entitled Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, the sequel will pit the Spring Breakers up against a sect of militant Christians, although it’s unclear at this point which of the Spring Breakers from the original film are going to return.

“It’s not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original,” said Wild Bunch co-chief Vincent Maraval, who specified that the cast would consist of a mix of old and new characters.

The original film, which was written and directed by Harmony Korine, grossed $30 million on a budget of $5 million and went on to become a cult favourite. It starred Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine as a group of college students who, after robbing a restaurant, go to St. Petersberg and fall under the sway of Alien, a white gangster rapper played by James Franco.

Other projects that Wild Bunch is taking to Cannes include an untitled Paul Verhoeven film about a businesswoman who seeks revenge against her rapist, a remake of the 1980s cult classic Maniac Cop, Gaspar Noé’s Love, and Abdellatif Kechiche’s The Real Wound, the follow-up to his much-acclaimed Blue Is the Warmest Colour.