Ruby Rose’s Note On Love And Criticism Was Not In Defense Of Pal Taylor Swift

Although the relationship is only weeks old, there has been much speculation and criticism of that new celebrity coupling dubbed Hiddleswift, with some questioning the rapidity of the fledgling relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, especially coming so soon after her split from Calvin Harris.

To critics of the relationship, Ruby Rose hopes fans can keep an open mind, insisting that everyone should “date who you want, love who you want, love is the most valuable thing in the world and nothing comes remotely close to its significance during our time on this planet.” The “Orange Is The New Black Actress,” however, would go on to note that her Instagram post was not specifically written about Swift and her new relationship. “My statement on love… It’s not about one person in particular it is about many, including myself..” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“I get it that [people] invest in couples and root for them, and it’s sweet, but that relationship is still only between two people,” the post continues. “If the relationship ends, why do people assume something happened or someone is to blame? Why do they think they know anything about the relationship, [that they are]…able to make a better call than those in it?”

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Rose also says that not all relationships are meant to last forever, and “it’s twisted that we shame women for opening their hearts or label it as a weakness when in reality it’s one of the scariest things to do.”

Here’s the Instagram post in its entirety:




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