Jordan Peele looks uncanny to James Brown in his recreation of the singer’s infamous “Drunk James Brown” interview from “Sonya Live in L.A.” in 1988.

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The former “Key & Peele” comedian, who has become best known for his parodies, looks and sounds shockingly similar to the “Godfather of Soul” who was believed to be drunk at the time. While Brown was supposed to discuss allegations that he abused his wife and his upcoming tour, he behaved erratically, cutting off reporter questions, removing himself from the camera frame and singing at random moments.

What was meant to be a serious interview quickly turned into a joke – and Peele exemplified that perfectly in his impersonation. From his faint mannerisms to his slurred speech, Peele clearly hasn’t lost his comedy touch.

To see just how spot-on he is, watch the original interview below.