Canadian-born rapper Classified pays tribute to his fans in his new video for “It’s Hard To Understand” off his latest album “Grateful”.

The music video serves as an extended tribute to real people who have told him he made a difference in their lives. In the video, Classified reflects on two fans in particular – one grieving over the murder of their brother and the other one suffering from leukemia. As he shares intimate details of their lives, the rapper wonders how he can make a difference.

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“This song is about me meeting two different kids who were my fans, and hearing directly about certain struggles they have gone through in life,” says Classified. “My young fan’s brother was murdered and I weigh in on how the process by which to find out the perpetrator of crimes can be dicey. The other is about a young kid who was very sick, facing death and just seeing how he dealt with it and at the same time seeing how it affected me and my outlook on life.”