Chelsea Peretti Forced To ‘Honeymoon Solo’ After TSA Denies Jordan Peele’s Passport

Chelsea Peretti’s honeymoon nightmare has become reality today as the TSA denied husband Jordan Peele at Los Angeles International Airport.

Why? We’ll let the “Brooklyn Nine Nine” star tweet-tell you the story.

Oh yes friends, Peele’s passport was apparently “too well worn” to pass security checkpoints. But the buck doesn’t stop there, for Peretti anyways. The actress continued to bare her displeasure with a series of tweets.

No surprise here, the TSA officer’s last comment was of little comfort to the scorned newlywed.

Peretti describes the use of all caps as not “yelling” but “action movie level intensity tweeting,” which basically makes her the Tom Cruise of Tweeting now.

Now safely in London, with all the other people whose passports are rigid and stiff, the 38-year-old actress is finding ways to occupy her time while waiting for her husband.

Nothing says “honeymoon foreplay” like Brexit.

Or British politics, which, if she’s not careful, she might be deeply entrenched in by the time Peele irons out his passport problems.

Peele’s social media channels have yet to address the issue. Here’s hoping their honeymoon works out, if only for the sake of that TSA officer.



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