Tony Robbins Refutes Reports Of People Burned From Walking On Hot Coals At Event: ‘No One Was Injured’

Tony Robbins appeared on “Good Morning America” today to set the record straight about reports last month that dozens of attendees at one of his motivational seminars were injured after walking across hot coals, with the Dallas Morning News reporting at the time that between 30 and 40 people were treated for burns on their feet and lower legs.

However, the author of “Unleash the Power Within” calls those reports utter hogwash, insisting there were zero injuries during his signature fire-walking stunt.

“I’ve done this event for 35 years. This was no different than any one I’ve done before,” Robbins told “GMA” during an appearance to plug the upcoming Netflix documentary about him, “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.” He added: “The only difference is somebody came by and didn’t know what we were doing, didn’t understand the process, saw people and called and said, ‘Bring four ambulances.’ Here’s the truth. No one was injured.”

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In fact, Robbins claims that “less than half of one per cent” of attendees to his motivational seminars who do get a blister from walking across hot coals treat it “as a badge of courage,” and says that participation is entirely voluntary.

“For people who come to this event, facing this fire and changing your state and getting yourself to get over your fears and take action is really transformational, but it’s one hour of a four-day process,” Robbins added. “People find it to be an incredible experience, and so we’ve done it for 35 years and we’re going to continue to do it.”



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