Jennifer Hudson’s Special Lullaby For Her Little Guy

Grammy-winning songstress and mom, Jennifer Hudson, is partnering with Pampers to pay tribute to the pure love moms feel for their little ones.

“Pampers and I decided to get together to create the classic lullaby,”; she reveals. “The only difference is I got to put my “mommy”; into it! It’s kind of like singing to my son.”;

She also tells us that her little guy loves music and it especially comes in handy on “those nights when he just don’t want to go to sleep… that’s when you put on a lullaby.”;

It’s not just at bedtime though that JHud uses the power of music to calm her son, she says she also sings to him in the bathtub and on the couch.

The star also shares what she’s learned since becoming a mother: “You never know how much your mother loved you until you have a child of your own… and then it’s like “wow’ that’s when you can really look back and appreciate your childhood when you’re raising your child.”;

Pampers is commemorating the song’s release with a special donation of $100,000 to Jennifer Hudson’s charity, the Julian D. King Gift Foundation to benefit moms, toddlers and babies.

Watch behind-the-scenes of the collaboration below and download the lullaby for free here!



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