Mary-Kate Olsen May Say Yes To The (Homemade) Dress

Although Kim Kardashian continues to suck all 2014 weddings into her nuptial vortex, there’s one person with enough clout to break free of her tractor beam. The name? Mary-Kate Olsen, of course!

Yes, the left (or is it right?) half of the iconic Olsen twins is getting married to 44-year-old French banker Olivier Sarkozy (trivia: the half-brother of France’s former President). And although an exact date has yet to be announced, there are pressing matters at hand: specifically the dress!

Because keep in mind, the 27-year-old is not just an actor: she’s a fashion designer as well. So who better to whip up the most important dress of her life?

“I think it may be a matter of getting five or six, or making two or three and being stressed out,”; Mary-Kate tells Women’s Wear Daily. “We’ll take one step at a time.”;

Our suggestion to Kim Kardashian? Don’t let Mary-Kate’s understated tone fool you. Something tells us she’s cooking up something spectacular.


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