Toddler Asks Kim Kardashian: ‘How Are You Famous?’

Kids still say the darnedest things, which mother-of-two Kim Kardashian found out when she sat down with an inquisitive toddler who wanted to know if she was famous, and why.

The conversations — which Kardashian shared via Snapchat — take place over a table as a little boy named Sid chows down on corn on the cob while questioning the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star.

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“Are you famous?” Sid asks. Her reply: “I don’t like to use the term, but…”

But Sid isn’t done. “How are you famous?” he asks, and apparently it’s a question Kardashian has to think about. After pausing for a moment, she says: “That’s up for question, too, but…”



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