In Grace of Monaco, Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly, the real-life Hitchcock muse who gave up a career in Hollywood in order marry Prince Rainer of Monaco, who refused to allow his wife to appear in films.

Luckily, Nicole Kidman has a husband (Keith Urban) who doesn’t seem to mind that his wife has a career of her own, and is free to appear in any movie that she wants. But is there anything that would convince Kidman to put her acting career on hold?

“Of course,”; Kidman tells ET Canada“s Sangita Patel at the Cannes Film Festival. “My family. And it has, and it will again and again. I feel like a lot of people in this world don’t get the opportunity to find their great love, and I’m lucky enough to have that.”;

Although few people will ever find themselves in Kelly’s predicament, Kidman describes Kelly as “very human”; and believes that people will still nevertheless be able to relate to her. “I think she’s a very modern princess and modern woman in the sense of her struggles. “How do I have a family and a husband and a career and purpose in life? How do I sort of live the fairy tale and make my life what I want it to be?'”;

One of the perks of making the movie was getting to live on the Riviera, although this perk seems to have appealed more to her kids than it did to her. “It’s a beautiful sort of playground for a 3-year-old and 5-year-old!”; she says. “Plenty of chocolate and playing and swimming.”;

In addition to French chocolate, Kidman’s children also have a special fondness for the movie Frozen. “I think the new summer movies are coming out so we’ll be shifting over soon,”; Kidman tells Sangita. “But, you know how kids watch things over and over – I’ve probably seen it 10 times!”;

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