Scientific Study Claims Amber Heard Has The Most Beautiful Face In The World

Amber Heard has the most beautiful face in the world and Kim Kardashian has the best-looking eyebrows, all according to science.

As reported by Dr. Julian De Silva, who runs the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London, the Greek-based number for Phi – 1.618 – can be used to determine aesthetically pleasing proportions of the face. “The Greeks discovered that the ratio occurs everywhere in nature and for thousands of years it has been thought to hold the secret formula of the world’s most beautiful faces,” De Silver said in the study.

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De Silva and his team created facial mapping software that calculates face shapes, making it easier to figure out what proportions make up some of the world’s most beautiful people. “The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret for beauty, but now with the computer mapping we can calculate how it applies to real women,” he reports.

According to their findings, Heard came out on top. The actress’ “eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape were measured and 12 key marker points were analyzed and found to be 91.85 per cent of the Greek ratio of Phi, which is 1.618,” the study reads. Following closely behind is Kim Kardashian with 91.39 per cent, Kate Moss with 91.06 per cent, Emily Ratajkowski with 90.8 per cent and Kendall Jenner with 90.18 per cent.

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As expected, Heard leads with the most beautiful nose and chin, while Ratajkowski reportedly has the most beautiful lips, Kate Moss has the most beautiful eyes and Kardashian has the most beautiful brows. “There was only one likely winner of this,” De Silva says, remarking on brows. “Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows are crafted to perfection… there were two calculations performed. One length of eyebrow from tip to tip divided by length from tip to arch.”

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