Celebrities Defend Leslie Jones After Internet Trolls Compare Her To Harambe The Gorilla

Leslie Jones and her friends are striking back, after Jones’ harassment at the hands of people on social media.

Despite some positive reviews following the premiere of the new “Ghostbusters” movie, Jones seems to be a hate magnet. She made her feelings known on Twitter, after a slew of inappropriate comments:

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In one heated exchange between the actress and a user online, the latter compared Jones to Harambe the Gorilla – who was shot dead at a Cincinnati zoo: “Don’t let ‘Ghostbusters’ bombing get you down. You’re a shoo-in to star in the Harambe motion picture as the man himself.”

Jones struck back and withheld no punches: “You think calling me a gorilla is funny you’re sick. And very very sad. You must hate yourself to put out that kind of hate.”

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Things did not end there, however, as the user added fuel to the flame: “Being mentioned in the same breath as lord and saviour Harambe is a privilege not to be taken lightly sweetheart!”

The “Ghostbusters” star replied one last time and it was rather blunt: “piggyback b**ch! F**k you!”

Celebrity friends of Jones’ have come forward in support of her. Paul Fieg, the director behind the new “Ghostbusters” movie, took the comments to heart:

While other celebrities showed their support using the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ.

And actor Matt McGorry was disgusted by what he summed up as “vile acts of racism:”

Jones has been sharing some of the racist and derogatory tweets coming her way all day, but had enough, finally chosing to take a Twitter hiatus, posting the following tweet:

ET Canada spoke to the “Ghostbusters” star, alongside Kate McKinnon, who opened up about the bonding that happened on set.



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