Scott Baio Defends Hillary Clinton ‘C-Word’ Tweet In Tense TV Interview: ‘I Didn’t Call Her Anything’

You’d think that starring in “Joannie Loves Chachi” would be the low point in any show-biz career, but Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio is apparently proving that things can get even lower after a tense exchange this morning on MSNBC, with anchor Tamron Hall calling out the former “Happy Days” star for a nasty tweet in which he appears to refer to Hillary Clinton with a word that rhymes with “bunt.”

Baio, who joined fellow celebs Antonio Sabato Jr. and “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson onstage last night to speak at day one of the Republican National Convention, appeared on MSNBC to explain what “Make America America Again” means, but soon had to defend himself about some nasty anti-Hillary and anti-Obama tweeting.

As he sparred with Hall during the increasingly testy interview, things became really uncomfortable when she brought up a meme of Hillary Clinton he retweeted, in which she’s standing in front of a large sign that reads “Count,” with one of the letters covered up. “So there’s a letter blocked,” declares the meme. “What difference does it make?” In Baio’s retweet, he writes: “This may be the best meme out there.”

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“Did you think about that in church?” she asks him about his “incendiary” tweet.

Baio, however, pleads ignorance, claiming: “It’s the word ‘count,’ that’s what she’s standing in front of, I just put it up there. There is no commentary attached to it, I didn’t call her anything. And the fact that you question my faith…”

Things got even more uncomfortable when Hall brings up more ugly, insulting tweets he made about Michelle Obama before revealing that Baio has blocked her on Twitter. Watch:

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