19-year-old Rafferty Law expresses his creative influence in a campaign for the “Adidas Originals Gazelle x JD Sports” campaign.

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Living with an Oscar-nominated father and an actress/fashion designer mother can spark a lot of creativity. For the young Law, those parents provide limitless influence and a drive to keep working hard.

In the video, he opens up on how Jude Law and Sadie Frost helped fuel his musical endeavours: “Having creative parents has made me a very creative person. I got brought up around art and good music and obviously film sets.”

Rafferty sings and plays a plethora of instruments, including: guitar, piano, drums, bass and keyboards. The inspiration behind that music comes from two people: “I’ve always loved music. That’s been heavily influenced by my dad and my mom.”

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Check out the video below, where Law talks more about his family and the work he puts into his aspiring music career.