Jeremy Piven was involved in a nasty accident in Los Angeles yesterday, with police telling TMZ they believe the “Entourage” star was at fault in the injury of a cyclist.

As TMZ reports, Piven parked his Cadillac and, without looking, “flung open” the door — into which crashed an an unsuspecting cyclist who was pedalling by, cutting his chest enough to require an ambulance to take him to a nearby ER, where the “badly hurt” man received stitches.

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“Our cop sources say they believe Jeremy was at fault but he didn’t get a ticket because cops didn’t see it happen,” states TMZ. “We’re told Jeremy was cooperative.”

While the cyclist has yet to take legal action, TMZ says that as for the likelihood of a civil suit, “you can bet on it.”

TMZ has reached out to the actor, but has yet to receive a response.