Whitney Way Thore Attacks Comedian Kerryn Feehan Live On-Air Over Body-Shaming Comments

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore refused to let comedian Kerryn Feehan off the hook for her recent pointed remarks about overweight people.

In an incident airing during Wednesday’s episode of the show, Feehan, who was making a guest appearance on the radio show where Thore interns, offended the TLC star with her remarks, forcing her to storm into the studio to defend herself.

“I just don’t take very kindly to assumptions being made about my weight and health, and also, why do you care?” Thore asked.

An on-air host would go on to ask whether she feels “sad for [her] friends who are a little overweight?… Like do you feel sad for Whitney?”

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Feehan responded by saying, ”I feel affected by them, I feel affected by their moods. I feel affected by the way they treat me.”

“So fat people don’t treat you well?!” a shocked Thore quipped back.

“Yeah, they’re moody and they’re cranky! They’re mean!” Feehan told Thore.

“Attitudes like this, is exactly what kept me in a darkened apartment, ordering pizza, because I didn’t want to go out into the world because people treated me so bad,” the reality TV star said about her past struggles with weight loss and body positivity.

Thore would later address the encounter with People magazine, calling out people who are so-called ‘concerned’ for her health. “People who claim to be concerned for my health but insult me in the same breath give themselves away; they are not ‘concerned.’ They’re fat-phobic,” Thore insisted. “It’s attitudes like this – the aggressive fat-shaming cloaked in concern that all too often convinces fat people that we are worthless and it’s a narrative I will not buy into.”

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