Before the applause even died down after Melania Trump’s speech to the Republican National Convention on Monday, accusations were being flung that speechwriters for America’s potential next First Lady plagiarized big chunks of the speech from a similar speech given a few years back by Michelle Obama.

Many from the Trump camp have defended Melania’s speech, and now the candidate himself has finally come forward to address the controversy — naturally, via Twitter.

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“Good news is Melania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!” Trump tweeted, using the opportunity to take a shot at his presumptive opponent Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. “The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania’s speech than the FBI spent on Hillary’s emails.”

Meanwhile, a Trump staffer named Meredith McIver has come forward to take responsibility for inadvertantly plagiarizing Michelle Obama in the speech, casting the blame away from Melania and her husband. In a letter of explanation, McIver writes that she offered her resignation to the Trump family, but it was rejected. “Mr. Trump told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences.”