Donald Trump was certainly hoping that the admission from speechwriter Meredith McIver that she was the one who plagiarized (inadvertently, she claims) Michelle Obama when writing Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention would put an end to the controversy.

However, McIver’s letter — in which she takes the fall and reveals the resignation she tendered to the Trumps was not accepted — has only caused a far bigger question in the Twitterverse: does Meredith McIver even exist?

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That’s the conspiracy theory that emerged after people began tweeting some odd facts, such as McIver’s hastily assembled Facebook page that was just put up, as well as online biographies that are mere hours old.

Given Trump’s history of creating fake people — remember that time he allegedly posed as bogus Trump PR guys John Barron and John Miller? — people began wondering if Meredith McIver is a real person or a fake, created specifically to fall on her sword as a scapegoat for the “Melaniagate” plagiarism scandal.

Even weirder: a photo that someone claiming to be McIver posted on Twitter (the very first tweet from a just-created Twitter account) of McIver posing with Trump was exposed as a Photoshopped fake.

The alleged McIver, however, tweeted a denial, hilariously declaring the photo of herself and Trump is legit, claiming “the lighting is obviously different.”

After the question was posed, the Twitterverse did what it does best: mock the whole situation with hilarious memes.

However, there is indeed someone named Meredith McIver who apparently serves as a writer in the Trump organization, with her name appearing on Trump’s 2009 book “Think Like a Champion”. Whether this Meredith McIver is the same person taking the fall for the cribbed speech, however, is a mystery yet to be solved.